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New Year's Armor by Florian-K New Year's Armor by Florian-K
illustration: © Florian K. / character: © Shirakei, since 2016

"Why are you fighting?"

"Because the world forces me to."

Some new armor for the new year to make the battles leave fewer scars.

A little gift for a person I thought I once knew. Still fighting like a warrior against everyone.

As for me, I don't think I've ever felt this bad in my life. I feel like slowly drowning on the inside. I feel old, as if I woke up ten years later and my senses are dying.
You had to face much in your short life. I was always lucky, because I was doing okay. Maybe in the end you'll be able to fight the dark, get up, walk and become a person one day. While I'll be breaking down and end up in that dark pit. It's what you always wanted. Making yourself be okay while others suffer for it. 

Happy New Year.
May victory be always possible for the one who refuses to stop fighting.


First weapon: Odem Bardiche
An exaggerated poleax whose blade has the same length as the pole itself. Odem Bardiches are notoriously difficult to use in battle and require a high skill level and strength of the bearer. If used properly this weapon can deal out powerful attacks — it can also be charged to deliver strong blows. The long blade can be used to retort or deflect attacks. The Odem Bardiche is comparatively slow and needs to be wielded with both hands. This however can be compensated by higher agility and attack levels of the bearer that increase the weapon's attack speed and also allow the bearer to wield it with only one hand.

Second weapon: Odem Sword
Odem Swords come in various different shapes and sizes and possess special abilities. They're versatile, fast weapons with limited range and blocking abilities. If the agility and attack levels of the bearer are high Odem Swords can be used for critical, fast-paced attacks. Higher vitality levels enable the bearer to interrupt enemy attacks. Odem Swords also allow the bearer to preserve his moving speed and evasive capabilities while attacking.

Special ability: Pierce
Eoghan's Odem Sword is able to cause damage to enemies who are en garde without needing to break their guard first. Pierced attacks can deal up to 50% damage of regular attacks.

Dog tag: Felwa Tag
Dog tags are rare highly magical items that provide a singular power under certain circumstances. They can only be used once and often come with a drawback.
The Felwa Tag allows Eoghan to temporarily increase his agility by 100% to move fast like the wind and use continuous combo attacks with his Odem Sword. He can use the Potemkin exclusive plugin Elusion (it makes it more difficult for enemies to hit him in close-range combat) while his resistance drops to 25%.
The Felwa Tag was created by the god of the willow trees.

I just realized that I've never really drawn armor before. I thought I have, but it doesn't seem like it. So, enjoy this strange first armor thingy. It's some weird hybrid of exaggerated fantasy plating and sci-fi diving suit.


Horizontal pupils of sheep

The squarish, horizontal pupils of sheep allow them to have a panoramic view of their surroundings while blocking out excess sunlight. This enables them to spot predators easily.
The downside of these kinds of pupils is the limited depth of focus. This indicates that sheep aren't great at discerning how far an object is actually away from them. This would also mean that sheep may have a disadvantage at sword fighting.


Master of Mists

It's not really a battle theme or anything, but I spontaneously liked how it evokes mental images of wooded mountain ranges, ruins of feudal villages and vast windy meadows.
Dragonstuff801 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this is super neat <3 i love it :D
Florian-K Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017  Professional General Artist
Thank you :)
Bordywordy Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Seeing by how bad this year was, he's gonna need that armor.
Florian-K Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016  Professional General Artist
Yes. I just hope the longer the journey becomes the more likely it'll be to finally find a bright place.
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