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Basics of Character Creation and Conception 2 by Florian-K Basics of Character Creation and Conception 2 by Florian-K
© Florian K., since 2014

I collected some information about how characters (fictional characters, OCs etc.) can be created and what aspects you need to create a working and fleshed out character. I compiled this in a kind of "tutorial" you can use to better define your character or to simply think about him to find new interesting aspects of him. The information can be applied to character creation in written and in visual form.
If you find mistakes or encounter problems, please let me know.


The tutorial includes information about how fictional characters can be created by using basic elements of psychological and historical personality theories. It explains the Character-Disk as a tool to define characters.
Please excuse my poor English. I had to translate the whole thing and I hope you can understand my grammar.

includes: 1 × tutorial (750 px)


It includes the tutorial in higher resolution.

includes: 3 × tutorial (1000 px) + 1 × tutorial (750 px); English version


newest version: 2 (highlighted segment and type names in paragraphs) / 06-14

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Qrow-Silvermane Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
This is well thought out. I like the idea of the character-disk - it seems very unique. Part of me wants to make more characters now and use this 'tutorial-esque' guide in order to do so. The guide covers many important factors that help create a character that can further develop the story he/she is in, and the large variety of examples will definitely communicate to a larger audience. 

In short, I like it. It is very well done, and I hope you continue on with the next guide. :)
Florian-K Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thank you. Yes, it's mainly for getting inspired and not so much for analyzing characters "scientifically" (if that's even possible); that's why I'm happy if it motivates you to make characters :)
Actually, the next tutorial about the disk is almost done, but there're some minor things I need to improve (especially the English translation, because in the process of translating there're some information lost, because it's very difficult to convey them and I always have the feeling that the English version isn't as in-depth as the original version).
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June 19, 2014
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